When I say painless, please understand, I don’t mean you will not feel anything. What you will feel is a lot of pressure; you will feel the might of creation move through you. Pain, however, is associated with something gone wrong. Childbirth is a lot of hard work, and the sensations that accompany it are very strong, but there is nothing wrong with labor.

~Giuditta Tornetta

Meet the Doula:

Hello! My name is Anne!

I have a strong passion for supporting mothers during their pregnancy, labor and birth, guiding them in having the birth they desire, and providing a calm and reassuring presence. I believe that every woman should be in control of her labor and birth and understand how to work with her body and baby. This starts with positive thinking and knowledge of the physiological labor and birth process. Not all births go as planned, but being informed of your options, speaking up for yourself, and preparing your mind are all keys to a satisfying and empowering birth experience. I am committed to getting to know you throughout your pregnancy, and creating a close relationship with you before that special day. I’d be honored to encourage and comfort you (and your partner) during these most intimate and sacred moments!




What Doulas do:

Doulas “mother the mother.” While performing her role, a doula:


□  Provides emotional support.

□  Uses comfort measures: breathing, relaxation, movement, positioning.

□  Gives evidence-based information.

□  Continuously reassures and comforts the mother (the key word is continuous—a doula never leaves the mother’s side).

□  Helps a mother become informed about various birth choices.

□  Advocates for the mother and helps facilitate communication between the mother and care provider.

□ Assists the partner as well by showing them comfort techniques and making suggestions (& gives them bathroom/food breaks!)




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